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Travelair, Your Personal Travelcrew

TRAVELAIR is your own personal travel crew for business and holiday travel planning, and for travel-related incentives. We are pleased to offer personalized and specialized advice and assistance focussing on your travel needs and requirements, and custom-made for you. Let us help you to find and arrange the best business trip, or vacation that you deserve.

TRAVELAIR works hand-in-hand with you, our clients and suppliers, in order to better serve you. With more then 25 years’ experience in the travel industry, we at TRAVELAIR can deliver the quality and service you are looking for, and deserve to have. As travel professionals, with world-wide experience, we are also highly specialized and knowledgeable about destinations such as Canada, Indonesia and Italy. Furthermore, we have exceptional experience with European destinations, and with the US, including Hawaii and Porto Rico.

TRAVELAIR is pleased to offer a complete product range, including:

Destination selection: With our long experience and industry knowledge, we are pleased to work with you to select and advise you on your travel destinations.  We can help to look for first-class off-season holiday packages, or arrange a multi-country business trip. Timing is often of the essence, and we can help to advise you about travel times and dates that are more suitable for some countries and climates.

TicketsWe always research the most competitive rates and economical choices, whether you are travelling first-class or tourist class.  We also offer if possible several travel options so that you can have a choice as to when and where you travel, where you transfer, and an alternative airline if applicable.  We are pleased to arrange and deliver tickets and  e-tickets, for yourself, your family or your group.  We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your travel, and to rest assured that you have the best booking available, and that the individual needs of all of your travel partners are taken care of.

Hotel accommodations:  We will look into your personal requirements and suggest hotel accommodations that fit your budget and needs.  Do you want an executive business suite in a 5* hotel, or a more simple room in a family-run hotel? Do you want a quiet non-smoking room, or a room in the midst of the business district?  Let us help you to select the best options available, and take care of the reservations for you.

Car rentals: Making sure that you have the size and type of rental car that fits your needs, delivered if necessary at the time and place where you need it, is our daily work. Will you be travelling in winter, do you need a car rack or infant seats?  Do you need also a driver? Please let us know and we will be pleased to make these arrangements for you.

Cruises: Have you always wanted to cruise the Caribbean, the Rhine, the Amazon, or the Far East?   Cruises are often the best way to relax and to take time off from a busy schedule.  They are also a great way to commemorate a special occasion. Are you celebrating a special anniversary or birthday?  Is this a once-in-a-lifetime trip?  Let TRAVELAIR make sure that all of the arrangements are made so that you can sit back and enjoy your unique holiday.

Camper rentalsTouring Canada and the US in a luxurious camper is a great experience for both you and your family and friends.  No need to unpack your suitcase on a nightly basis. Prepare your own food in your camper galley, and enjoy a delicious dinner at your own campsite in the great outdoors. Wake up to a sunny morning in the pine-scented forests of the national park campgrounds. TRAVELAIR will be pleased to make all detailed arrangements for you, and to advise you about the most beautiful North American locations.

Travel insurance:  Leaving home without proper insurance has the potential to ruin a holiday.  However, taking out unnecessary insurance is also not advised. Let TRAVELAIR help you to choose the best insurance for your needs, requirements and budget.

Convention travel: Do you want to make the best possible use of your time at an upcoming convention? Do you need to arrange an attractive stand, flyers, and PR, or organize a seminar to ensure that your company is promoted at the convention in the best way possible? Do you need to coordinate a group visit? Let TRAVELAIR show you how expertly we can take care of all of these details.

Event and Fairs organisation: Planning a special event or trade fair requires detailed organization, and knowledge and experience.  Let TRAVELAIR take care of this!  We have long experience in event organization and can assure you of a well-planned event. We are pleased to provide you with names of clients with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

Incentives:  Travelair creates original incentive trips to unique destinations, tailored to your Company needs and budget.  Whether it is an incentive trip to the Grand Prix of Kuala Lumpur,  or a business meeting in Prague  or a weekend to the islands of Capri and Ischia in the Bay of Napels, or an incentive trip to Malaga, Monaco, Bilbao, Madrid, Porto, Bern, Paris, London or other European and preferred destinations. Travelair will develop in cooperation with our local DMC’s a program that tailored to your business needs.  TRAVELAIR is your personal travel crew.

Handicapped:  Concern for handicapped travellers needs requires special care.  TRAVELAIR can develop tours and make all travel arrangements for handicapped travellers.  Depending on the type of disability, we will ensure that you have access to the most interesting program possible. Let us help to make your trip memorable!

Customer relationship The business of TRAVELAIR is to serve you, our customers, in the best way possible. Our customers are very important to us and we aim to constantly treat you as our most valuable clients.  We want to know and understand all of your needs in order to provide you with the best service possible.

Please contact us if you have any travel questions, and let us guide and assist you with all of you travel requirements. We look forward to hearing from you soon and to arranging a great travel program for you.

 TRAVELAIR, Your personal travel crew.